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  • The Starboard ASAP

  • Flat Water Models

  • Basic Ocean Models

  • Wave Riding Models


For Information purposes only. An overview of some of our rentals. Not all models are as shown. Some limitations Apply.


THE HERO 9’5”X 33' length gives greater maneuverability with easier turning flat water board for smaller riders (under 100lbs.-+). Flat Water

.A Smaller of the Whopper ,small adults and Kids size.

AVANTI 11’0” X 36"

This paddle board gives fun and easy glide, an incredibly stable paddle board for heavier or multiple riders to cruise the flat water.


This paddle board is the ultimate all-rounder for lightweight riders, a favorite medium length maintains glide with easier maneuverability.Flat Water.


ATLAS 12.0 X 33”- The entry-level board for all aspects of the sport providing a stable platform for the heavy rider or multiple riders for flat water.


Flat Water Models Sound Side use only.

Suitable for all riders.

THE GO  11'2"X 32"

A progressive, versatile shape unmatched stability, speed and glide potential.Offering greater tracking and maneuverability. Flat water

THE WHOPPER 10’0″ X 34″ 

This is a highly popular and stable paddle board which surprises with incredible riding ability

extra stability and glide our most popular SUP for rentals and sales for 10 years.Flat Water






Ocean Paddle Boards

Life vest must be worn at all times.

GNARALOO 10' X 33"

Soft SUP Surf Side Use Only

The Gnaraloo Soft Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) is all about fun and a great introductory board for people wanting a soft board as their entry into Stand-Up Paddling. This rental is for Ocean side use only and makes a great all arounder for most folks in the family's.Our Most popular ocean rental.

Wave riding models

Single use ADVANCE Wave riding models. LEARN MORE


THE HERO 9’5”X 33' length gives greater maneuverability with easier turning in surf for wave riding.Smaller version of the Whopper. Single use surf model for lighter riders up to 150lbs. 

Single use ADVANCE Wave riding model.LEARN MORE

HYPER NUT 8'6" X 31 

 The Hyper Nut offers the stability from a larger board and performance of a smaller boards.Single use surf model.

 Extra stability and pop when paddling out over whitewater.

Gnaraloo Fatty Ocean Rental
Gnaraloo Fatty Ocean Rental

Our most popular ocean rental 10' X 32 High Volume rental

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Morning Hot Wax Excursions
Morning Hot Wax Excursions

Croatan Maritime Nation Forest recreation area.

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Larger Groups
Larger Groups

Hot Wax Can handle larger groups when making a reservation in advance.

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Gnaraloo Fatty Ocean Rental
Gnaraloo Fatty Ocean Rental

Our most popular ocean rental 10' X 32 High Volume rental

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Hot Wax rents the top rated paddle boards in the industry from STARBOARD.


For flat water paddling the ASAP models are for sound (Flat Water) side use only.

Our GLOBAL SURF INDUSTRIES  GNARALOOs for general all around Ocean side use are easy to balance on Ocean side use only. 


With two specialty Surf STARBOARD Wave riding models which are the limited single use pro models. These are advance models they are faster and respond much quicker.  




Impact resistant high-density EVA wrapping the whole rail from nose to tail.

• Multiple layers of high-grade fiberglass are wetted out in epoxy resin wrapping the hull.

• Australian pine on standing area for extra impact resistance and rigidity.

_MG_9063-Edit Go 2020.png

We make a effort to see that you have a great performing SUP.


Some boards cost more and are specifically used/made different than other boards. 


Some are used for the ocean (with some Flexibility) 


Others made out of different materials for sound use only- because of oyster shells and shallow water. 


Be careful in your use and selection of our models so you can have a great experience. We will assign a board based on availability and size. Most of our flat water models are suitable for all riders.    252-354-6466


Questions? Just give us a call.. 22


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