A Message from Starboard- Production and Shipping Delays

Despite the challenges in the global supply chains over the last 12 months, we have worked closely with all our suppliers to plan and secure the maximum supply to our distribution network.

Some of our suppliers have done an incredible job to increase their production output during this challenging time, thus we can fulfill 100% of your increased pre-order on Inflatable Boards, Paddles, Sails, Kites and Wings this season.

We see a delay in shipping due to the shortage of containers to North America, but we still can foresee that most of these products will arrive in time for the season.

With our composite board’s supplier in Thailand, we have had a different situation, where they have been unable to ramp up production since last year.
From Sept-Dec 2021 the factory had been excessively impacted by the Covid situation and lost over 50% of it’s production capacity during this time. The factory usually obtains the majority of its workers from the neighboring countries, however with the deteriorated Covid situation, the border has been closed for nearly 2 years. As a result, the factory has not been able to get the labor to fill up the capacity.

Over the last few months, the situation has improved, so the factory has resumed back to regular production and are slowly clearing up some of the backlogs from last year. But, with the capacity limitations we are still far from our expectations.
At the current speed of recovery, we are going to “lose” up to 7,000 of the boards we had ordered for the season, thus we are unable to complete your composite’s pre-orders.

With the backlog and shortage of supply, we have chosen to build what is most efficient for production, then allocate the portion to North America for Tiki Team to match with the pre-book orders as good as they can. Unfortunately, with up to 50% loss of the supply from the factory, we are going to be short a lot of boards for the North American Market.

We have employed more supply line management to be able to provide better info earlier and for 2023 we are also setting up more suppliers to increase output further.

Thanks for believing in our brand and our team in North America, we have learnt many lessons and strive to not only be the better brand but also the better supplier.