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Regarding general questions, services, activities, rentals, merchandise, Consignments policies. (Please note this page is under construction) ALL DEPARTMENTs PAGE / Quick Rental Page 


ACTIVITES: Self Guided Excursions, Instant Karma Surf Camp ,Wild By Nature Eco Tours, SUP & Kayak Tours. Learn More 

We can handle larger groups of up to forty with advance reservations. Call for more info and availability.


Surfboards: hard and soft

Kayaks: sit on top/sit in/ocean wave-riding/angler

Stand Up Paddle Boards: ocean, wave riding, flat water

Body Boards

Skim boards

Accessories: paddles, life vest, kayak carts, and more Learn More



 What is the difference between Hot Wax and the others?

At Hot Wax Surf and Paddle Sports we offer better equipment, better selection, and better customer service than our competition. We are experienced local life time water-men, surfers, kayakers, and stand-up paddle boarders. We use and sell the same quality equipment that we rent to you!

We also provide good advice, knowledge, and safety equipment specifically tailored to your equipment rental, activity, or purchase.

We do not rent equipment to you without offering a rental consultation and good advice covering basic safety and use guidelines. We also monitor weather conditions for our customers.

We do offer discounts for longer rental periods. Our basic equipment prices are very competitive.

For weekly FREE advice and questions call the shop the week of your rental.

Hot Wax monitors weather, wave, tide, & wind conditions across all venues to keep you safe and advises and notifies you the day of excursions and all water activities in the morning of the event, not in advance based on participant's suggestions. Weather reports are wrong 70% of the time so we look at multiple indicators based on our experience and often get up at daylight to study the conditions.

If for any reasons the event is cancelled we will let you know with a text and phone call at least 30-60 minutes in advance. 


For weekly advice and questions call the shop the week of your rental.


Local summer conditions in Emerald Isle NC are dominated by a Southwest wind (on shore wind for surfers) that blows into the Bogue Inlet's direction. Winds normally increase in the summer time as the day goes on. Early activities and surfing (dawn patrol) are always the best call for the nicest experience. This is the case most of everywhere for surfing. The other benefit is for kayaking and stand up paddle boarding where wild life in these maritime forest area is much more active during these early hours. Hot Wax is the only permitted vendor for park use in the Cedar Point Recreational Park. Cedar Point Recreational Area provides a safe and protected area for you and your family of all ages to enjoy the maritime forest and wild life area.


As with most places in the world, Emerald Isle North Carolina has its surfing season. For us, Fall is our surfing season (August-December). The winds go offshore during the fall and produce clean faces and tropical weather conditions that create bigger waves. Again, dawn patrol is often the call for your best experience. But if you hesitate, these conditions can change fast and you will lose out. Incoming tide is the best time normally to hit it since the waves are bigger with more push. If you want a softer wave, then go at high tide for beginners. On days with bigger conditions, you should take care as the inside troth conditions create a lot of water movement and rip tides where the sand bars break up. It is often harder to paddle past the bar as the wave push you back into the troth with great force preventing you from getting to the outside. See below basic surfing hints. 

Hot Wax also provides the area’s most comprehensive and professional instruction, to help keep you and your family safe.


We also offer single person advanced equipment retails for qualified renters only. We do not rent advanced equipment to you without a rental consultation! These rentals are not for occasional water men but for advanced single users. Please do not try to fool us, we will know. We may ask general knowledge questions about your experience within the sport activity.

*Single use means you are not sharing the use of this higher cost item with others in a group and are fully responsible for any damages.*

All these rentals are inspected in advance with the renter and a the equipment manager upon return.


What credentials do I need to rent? RENTAL REQUIREMENTS

You must be of legal age 18 with a proper photo driver licenses ID and active credit card (not a debit card) all in one/same name for a rental. This can be done online, through a call, or seeing us in person at the store. Both wavers, liability, and damage must be signed by the same CCID renter before delivery or use.  You will need the full address and general delivery information about the location where you are renting and using the equipment when applicable.  



All deliveries are done in the order that they are received/reserved. For reservations in advance, deliveries will get priority.

Delivery days are Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturday mornings. We are closed on Sundays.

Other customers may be in front of you, but rest assured that we strive to get you your rental ASAP regardless.

Inclement weather or traffic on a last minute reservation could postpone a delivery.

Deliveries and pick ups are managed and scheduled for certain days of the week and times of the day. 

Check in and check out days, due to heavy traffic, can cause delays. These days are typically avoided for delivery times.

Sometimes these deliveries are done early and late in the day if needed and when equipment managers/delivery employees are available.

Delivery times are approximately within a two hour window based on work load, but we are always working to get you your rental ASAP. 

All retails are based on an eight hour daylight use, not on days of the week. Warm in-season use offer twelve+ hours of daylight.

All deliveries  and pick-ups have a two and a half hour window. This is based on volume, work flow, traffic, weather, available employees, and the order and time of your reservation.


Delivery/pick-up is always done in the front yard area or close by with vehicle access - Ex: driveway of the residence .


Please have the equipment ready and out front at the appropriate time of pick-up. Depending on the rental time, the pick-up day is usually at 4 PM on Friday. Please mark the consulted pick-up time in your calendar.


Back of the house or on the dock deliveries? These are beyond the covered work fee and could be arranged only in advance for a $20.00 fee and a drivers CASH tip fee for delivery only at the drivers digression when available. Usually not available for pick ups.     

Single drivers do not have the ability, coverage, or permission to pick up from docks, back yards, or areas beyond the driveway.

If the equipment is left out back and not put in the proper pick-up areas, they will incur a $25.00 fee. 

This is a lot of extra work, often very hard to do with one driver alone and can create workload back ups, and extended hours for our already hard working employees.


We now offer delivery of our best selling products to your beach house in season and locally. Time of delivery is next day and same day when available with fastest delivery times May-Oct. Orders placed by 1 PM will often deliver the same day on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.


Morning deliveries on Saturdays only due to heavy traffic conditions on the island. We are closed on Sundays with Monday deliveries for Sunday orders. Please give us the following accurate information:

    - Your mobile phone number

    - Email

    - Beach or home location, gate code if needed

We also offer pick up at store location (checkbox).



Self carry pick-ups are available but are discouraged because we pay employees to do this work for you. We offer many activities and rental options for you to chose from. FREE delivery and pick-ups are included in our multi-day rentals and excursions (morning short term flat water paddling activities).  This offers the best price and value for the customer. Please have two abled bodied, undistracted people to load and unload on return if you do a self carry. Please don't send Mom back by herself to unload heavy equipment.

Appropriate vehicles only: long bed trucks, large SUV, or larger vehicles with open, clutter free space and tie downs/straps (ratchet straps). NOT string or rope. We do sell a $10.00 ratchet strap for your convenience. Needed for self carry daily rentals.

We do NOT put our equipment on top of vehicles without kayak racks. This is time consuming and is usually returned in an unsecured manner. Most vehicles are not set up for this, so please reserve in advance and let us do the hard work within our system and set up for delivery to best serve you. 


Employees are required to supervise and ensure that the safe transport of our equipment is done right. Inspection upon equipment return for any damages is a standard.  When folks self carry, the damages to our equipment and your damage liability increases by 70%. Most folks simply do not take appropriate care or have the knowledge, right vehicles, or tie downs. 


The employees that manage equipment are often out on delivery when you need supervised help and service loading/unloading. If our rental reservationist and retail clerks are not able to supervise, please be patient for self carry returns. We will do the best we can - but instant gratification is often hard to accommodate. Our retail clerks may be away from the store or on the phone, but can help you load, drop off, and inspect your equipment.


Rentals are not refundable.  However, if your rental is 3 or more days we may offer a extension of use for inclement weather conditions. Just give us a call and ask if the extension can fit into our pick-up schedule.

Once the delivery vehicle has left the store location, no cancellations will be taken or refunds given.

Mandatory hurricane pick-ups will be prorated with refunds credited to all customers. We will give you a call in advance during these evacuation periods to arrange pick-up times.

We offer full refund of a cancellation 24-hours before the rental would be due to be delivered. In the circumstance of a hurricane or regulations by town or government officials due to a crisis we will offer a full refund. If we have a cancellation in the middle of your rental (you already have the board and regulations state you must evacuate the area) we refund at a prorated rate. Keep in mind the our prices reflect a lower price for your long term retail. Prorated refunds often would be more than the multi day price, as listed in our prices.


At Hot Wax, when you sign your name on a rental agreement you are responsible for all damages in your terms of service agreement.

When we rent to you, you agree that the equipment will not be used in an irresponsible, improper manner or damaged and that you and the equipment will not cause danger to yourself or others with you.

It is your responsibility to examine all delivered equipment when delivered, we inspect all rentals everyday.


We will not deliver or rent damaged equipment. Please note any and all damages with your equipment delivery person.

All damages are assigned a dollar value and are charged at the time of return by the owner or ASAP. Any and all disputes of damage are handled by email only, not on the phone for documentation and security purposes, and could include photography of damages. When multiple people use the equipment, it is not uncommon for the renter to be unaware of the damage. Either way you as the renter are responsible for the damage. We dot not want our equipment damaged or to charge you, but we must cover some cost as the damaged equipment cannot be rented until repaired and often is devalued permanently at our expense.


Managers are not allowed to discuss any disputes. We try to apply any charges no later than 3 days after return. 





Stay out of the shore break. We surf/paddle in the water, NOT in the sand, so move fast and decisively. Shore break is the most dangerous place to be while entering or exiting the water and most damages/injuries happen in this break zone.


Once again, we surf/paddle in the water, NOT in the sand. DO NOT RIDE SHORE BREAK

Always go out against the wind and paddle back with the wind. This makes the paddling easier for getting back to the shore. Always be sure to wear your life vest. 


Paddles are made for water only and should only touch water, using on the bottom or as a oar can cause a bent/destroyed shaft or broken blades. Paddles can not handle this kind of weight and pressure.

Always hold on to your paddle if you fall off, you don't want to be up the creek with no paddle.

Do not use a paddle to pry or push off the bottom.

Remember even small waves are powerful in shallow shore break conditions. For every foot of wave, there is 100 lbs. pressure and energy.

When entering the surf_


Wait for a break in the waves, move fast, always face the wave,  use the handles to pull the kayak from the front, walk fast and decisively past the shore break zone,  lay over the kayak or paddle board, turn your body right side up and in the sitting position as fast as possible for a kayak. Paddle as fast as possible, do not hesitate as the waves will not wait for you and you will lose ground and put your self in danger. Motion (just like on a bike) creates balance and forward movement. Now GO for it straight through the waves, past the break, and to the outside. Always paddle straight through the waves, never get side ways to a wave, never get between the wave and the boat. When coming to shore you need to use the handles on either end for control. Run up on the beach fast and get to shore so the wave does not knock you down or allow the boat to hit you while coming in. Always wear your life vest when in the ocean. If you are injured your life vest may save your life.


We surf/paddle in the water, NOT in the sand, DO NOT RIDE SHORE BREAK

When using a stand up paddle board, pull it out by holding the rail saver on the end of the leash (closest to the tail of the board) or carry the board over your head Harry Carry style. Move fast walking to the deepest possible stopping point. With the board on the water, go under the waves if needed to hold position lowering your head while facing the wave ( never turn your back on the waves) Do not get between the waves and the board ,when clear of the shore break spin the board around facing the waves, lay over the board and go to your knees. Motion  ( just like on a bike creates balance) creates balance and forward movement. Now GO for it straight into and threw the wave.  Paddle as fast as possible do not hesitate. The waves will not wait for you and you will lose ground and put your self in danger. Remember, just putting your hand on top of the board will not stop the wave from taking the board away from you. You must HOLD on to the board in some way to control it.  Control is key to forward movement. Motion (just like on a bike creates balance) creates balance and forward movement. Now GO for it straight through the wave. 


When you feel confident from the kneeling position, put the paddle across the board in front of the handle. 

With two hands on the paddle and board push up and jump to your feet, Your feet go on either side of the handle shoulder length apart.  Bend your knees and begin to paddle, do not hesitate.  Again motion creates balance. Keep moving at all times ever so slightly to stay balanced.

When on the beach, stand the paddle with the sand blade pushed in the sand or lay it on the paddle board or kayak. Turn a SUP upside down when not in use, do not use it as a seat on the beach paddle. 

Store in a secure place out of sight, never stand a paddle board up always store flat on the ground on on its side.


Always wear your life vest and aqua shoes or old tennis shoes.  NO flip flops for this activity.

Avoid oyster shells. Do not paddle over oyster shells.

Do not DRAG a kayak, this could create a hole in the bottom. Carry by the HANDLES ONLY located at the front, rear, and sides of the kayak. This will make it easier for you as well.

Do not carry by the rigging (bungy cords). These do not hold up under stress and will break the costly equipment.

Paddles are made for water only and should only touch water. Using on the bottom or as a oar can cause a bent/destroyed shaft or broken blades. Always hold onto your paddle if you fall off, you don't want to be up the creek with no paddle. Do not use a paddle to pry or push off the bottom.


Always go out against the wind and back with the wind to make it easier getting back to shore. Always wear your life vest.

If you fall out, stand up. The average water depth in the Bogue sound is 2 to 3 feet. Shake the mud off your feet in the water before getting back in.

When visiting an island or exploring, always pull your watercraft all the way up and out of the water with your paddle on dry land. Current and wakes from other boats could float your boat away quite easily. 


Store your equipment in an out of sight location at night and when not in use.  Do not leave boats at the end of docks or in the shallows at night as they could blow away. Do not tie a kayak to a dock piling or in the water as the wind and tides can cause sanding damage to the kayak when beating against a dock piling covered with barnacles. 


Return your equipment to the drop off spot - pick-up point at the appropriate time/date for pick up by 4pm.


INSERT Average damage amounts/photo slides     




 All customers must sign our rental agreement liability wavers to use all equipment in the proper manner. Specified designated use listed below.

1.    There are no refunds or credits on rentals. Surf boards and SUPs, Gnarloos and Hyper Nuts are to be used for surfing only. 

       No scuffing (pulling behind boats)  with our boards.

2.    We are not responsible for weather changes, ability, attitudes, lack of common sense, knowledge, or skills. 

3.    Hot Wax inspects and keeps detail records of our rental equipment when delivered and upon return. 

4.    Stand up paddle boards are rented for specific uses. Gnarloos and Hyper Nuts are for ocean use only. 

5.    Starboard ASAP costs twice the price and are not for the ocean side, they are designed for flat water use only.


6.    All customers sign our rental agreement to use all equipment in the proper manner and specified designated use.


7.    As the renter (signer) it is your responsibility to inspect all your rental equipment upon receipt and see that all participants use the 

       equipment in the proper manor.

8.    When on the beach, stand the SUP paddle in the sand blade pushed in the sand or lay it on the board. Please keep the

       adjustment lock out of the sand.



Although lightweight, stand-up paddle boards and long boards can be bulky and awkward to carry/handle. Make sure to move slow and steady when handling these boards. Use a firm grip with dry hands. It is best to have two people to load and unload boards. LAY  boards down easily on the grass, sea grass, sand, or other soft surface. Do not put boards on pavement, concrete, rock, or any other hard surface. Doing so will break, scrape, and scratch the epoxy gel coat off.  Some of our SUPs are designed for surfing while others are for FLAT WATER ONLY. Please use them in accordance to your rental agreement. 

Surf board and Stand-up Paddle Board Rental Rules and Policies:  INSERT Videos 


Do not ride shore break (waves breaking in shallow water close to shore) WE SURF ON THE WATER NOT IN THE SAND!

Do not stand the boards up -  LAY them down easy. Standing boards up cause the boards to fall over and create holes, broken fins, broken rails, and holes in the board from wind vibration on wood decks.

Soft boards require no wax, so please do not wax ours. A cleaning charge may apply upon return if so.

All boards should lie fin side up on the beach (do use as a seat). On hard boards this will cause inundation of sand in the wax, making it too rough or a sand paper like surface while surfing on the board. A cleaning (full resurfacing) charge may apply upon return if covered with sand on the waxed deck.

Store in a safe, out of sight location at night as the board could grow legs and walk away. Yes you are responsible for lost boards.

The town has a leash law that you are required to wear one when in the water.

Do not drag the leash while walking, leave it on or wrap it tight around the board. The way real surfers do it is not that hard. Dragging the leash causes sanding holes and inundation debris damage that could trip you up on walkways. Worst of all it makes you look like a total KOOK. You may be asked where's your dog you KOOK.

STAND UP PADDLE BOARDS       MAKE COLOR CODED Sections for ITEMS  Link from rentals

General delivery and pick up of 3-5 day rentals. Deliveries and pick-ups are done at specific days of the week and designated times to be as efficient as possible and keep prices low for customers. Please call in advance so we can seclude your delivery ASAP. First come first serve. Traffic may also be a factor for delivery,

Excursions are secluded on certain days of the week, often based on the best weather conditions. Morning is our best time as there is less wind and currents for flat water paddling. Most daily flat water activities end by 2 pm and start around 9 am.

Hot Wax delivers your rental out front in the grassy area at the rental house. Be sure that we can easily get to the equipment for pick up in the same general area where we delivered at the proper time by 4 pm on pick up day. For beyond carrying service to the beach or dock you may request per incident help with the delivery or pick up with a minimal $10.00+ tip when available. 

Up coming Text and videos in the future to help you enjoy your equipment use to be added later Below


Ocean use 

Entering the Ocean

Flat Water

Avoiding oyster shells


For emergency situations call if you have any questions ,there are no refunds on rentals as we still have payroll for our employees that are serving you. If the beach is under a mandatory evacuated because of a hurricanes we will do a prorated rental rate. Often we find that the lower weekly rate is less than any due prorated  refund. Our pick up will be the day before evacuation. We will call you in advance.


Hot Wax provides consignment sales and appraisals retail/wholesale value of water sports equipment. Items include Surfboards, kayaks, paddle boards and other water real watersport equipment. We will access ,list and sell on line based on our agreed amount. Hot Wax makes a 25% listing fee of the retail sale price. Plus and or minus any repairs, cleaning due us needed for a sale or if you are to pick up an item before it sales. If you sell the item after our listing work ,cleaning or repair then the amount due Hot Wax is any and all charges agreed upon at the time of this agreement including the 25% listing fee. We do not resale unsealed or none seaworthy ,broken items. We do not consign junk store items from Walmart, Sam's, or other low end retailer's


Hot Wax Surf and Paddle Sports is a full-service water sports store, offering surf boards, stand-up paddle boards, and kayaks. We are locally owned and operated, celebrating our 26th year in business.

We sell, rent, and deliver surf boards, stand-up paddle boards, and kayaks. We also sell all the accessories you need such as: transportation racks, leashes, paddles, and board bags.

We provide professional instruction for surfing, stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking. Group or private instruction available. Group and private Eco Tours of the wetlands, wildlife & beauty of the crystal coast. 

At Hot Wax, we sell everything you need to enjoy the beach such as: surf trunks, rash guards, sandals, hats, sunglasses, hardware accessories, spare parts, life vests, and water sports performance wear. We have a large selection of our original Hot Wax tee shirts for the whole family! & prices starting as low as at $12.99 each or two for $20.00.

Hot Wax offers free estimates on new and used water sports equipment for resale and in store consignment sales. We specialize in consignment sales of used surfboards, paddle boards & Kayaks.

We provide repair services for all of the water sports equipment we sell. We have an in-store workshop to get you back in the water as soon as possible!  

At Hot Wax, customer service and professionalism is our number one priority. We love to share our knowledge about the local area. We will do our best to assist you or refer you to other businesses that provide the same level of customer service






Q: Regarding general, surf camp, surf board, stand-up paddle board (SUP), kayak tour, body board, and skim board rentals and instruction questions: What is the difference?

A:  We offer better equipment, better selection, and better customer service than our competition. We are experienced surfers, kayakers, and stand-up paddle boarders, and we use and sell what we rent. We do offer discounts for longer rental periods. Our basic equipment prices are very competitive with our advanced equipment retails. We also provide advice, knowledge, and safety equipment specifically tailored to your equipment rental. We do not rent equipment to you without offering a rental consultation! Hot Wax also provides the area’s most comprehensive and professional instruction, to help keep you and your family safe. 


Surf board an SUP Rental Rules
Surf board and SUP Policies
Flat Water & Excursion Pointers
Ocean Kayak Policies
Kayak Rental Policies
Delivery and Pick-Ups
Rental Requirements
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Storing Multi-Day Rentals
Hurricanes an Personal Emergencies
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