Global Surf Industries is a world wide distributor of the world's top-shape boards. You can buy directly from this page through our link on the GSI logo or stop in the store to see their best-selling shapes. We carry a great selection of their boards in the store. Our most popular sellers are the Retro and Boss Modern Long boards. Another standout in the product line is the Love Child. The Double Wide is a high volume starter or big boy board . Call for a consultation or stop by the shop to get a personal overview of their products. LINK ON LOGOs

Softech and FCS deliver a great selection of Soft boards and Body Boards we have been selling for years. Softech steps up with boards the can be used with our large selection of upgraded performance fins. The quality is superior to the vast junky soft board products you'll find on line.   

FCS is the Premier Surf accessory company. A leader in the industry FCS make fins, Fin systems, Carrier Racks, leashes and Surf Accessories of all kinds. Hot Wax has the most complete selection of FCS replacement fins on the island. Including single replacement fins. Please bring your board with you so we can find the right fin for your board.   

TORQ-logo-1 (1).png

We carry a large selection and are a super dealer for Torq, often offering demos (now planed for the Fall 2020 watch our facebook page for details). We have most of their boards in our shop. Their most popular boards would be the TEC PGR Summer 5 and Go Kart. We now stock The Multiplier as well. We also have the TET Mod Fish and the 8' Fun Board, which are very sought after models. The new Act Series is one of the most advanced Surfboard designs available today and are just arriving. Should be in stock during the 1st week of August. Stop by or call for a personal consultation in picking out the best board for you. LINK ON LOGOs

StormBlade soft surfboards and Body boards are the same value and well made soft boards we have used in our rental program for years which means they are great quality and well priced. Hot Wax sells the StormBlade. models priced just right in the middle giving you more bang for the buck.  *We do not sell the cheper Wavestorm or the Higher priced rental models or SSR models  


Wave Skater Body Boards are one of the most innovative and the most durable body boards made today. Made out of EVA.

With molded curves for your body, handled sides that aid your elbows for control, perforated for lift and a channel for direction. It can be used to of course surf. It also works for skurfing, sledding, bumps off rocks on the river. Its practically indestructible.      

Future Fins is one of the most popular fin systems in surfing today. Hot Wax has a large selection of Future Fins for you to chose from. Including basic single replacement fins. Please bring your board so we can find the right replacement for you.

Due to full sell through shortages and slower delivery times in the surf board industry. We will try and keep a current list of our in-store stock. I will do weekly updates as possible. These details and numbers can change fast so call to check on availability. 252-354-6466 I hope this is helpful. Thanks ,Mike 

Pick Out Your Surfboard


Mike is available for consultations and has over 35 years of experience selling surfboards. He is also an expert appraiser of surfboards/paddle boards. You can pick out your GSI surfboard online for direct shipment and with Torq, we can deliver within a 60 mile radius when you pick out your board online as long as there is available inventory. We are working on a direct shipping option for Torq boards and will post updates on shipping as soon as it is available


Long Boards  

ACT 9'1" The Don High Performance Bamboo/Black Rails 

TEC 9'0" The Don XL Aqua color way SOLD

TET 9'0" Blue w/Pin line

TET 9'0" White Deck w/ Navy rails and bottom 

TET 9'0" White w/Pin line 

TET 9'6" White Deck w/ Gray Rails & Bottom

TET 9'6" White Deck w/ Pin Lines 

TET 8'6" Blue w/Pin line

TET 8'0" Sea Green  OUR BEST SELLER 

TET 8'0" White w/Pin lines 

TET 8'0" White w/Lt.Blue 

PU Retro 9'1" Coke Bottle Green Tent 

Modern Retro PU 9'1" DBI Stinger Clear

9'0" CA Jumbo Jet SLX

Fun Boards

The Boss 8'6" clear w/green pin stripe SOLD

The EX 8'4" Double Down Bamboo Wide High Volume

The 8'6" TET Blue w/ Pinline   

Mid size Hybrids

Modern PU  7' Love Child clear w/orange pin stripe

Modern PU  6'8" Love Child clear w/orange pin stripe

Modern PU  6'4" Love Child clear w/orange pin stripe

JUST ARRIVED The new TORQ ACT short boards

natural rebound that projects and generates speed.



PGR's Charcoal Brush

5'10" Black Rails

5'6"Orange Rails

6'2"Black Rails

The Big Boy - high volume short board a top seller now in the Act series of boards

6'6" Blue Rails

6'10" Blue Rails SOLD

The Multiplier 

6'0"Black Rails

The Go-Cart Fish

6'2" Green Rail  

6'2" All Gray Black Rail  



Advance Entry level Price Point Boards


Torq Epoxy Technology or TET, represents a revolution in Epoxy surfboard technology constructed in the most advanced surfboard molds on the planet creating the most perfect reproduction every time. Our unique combination of advanced materials and high tech construction creates lightweight shapes with extraordinary durability and strength.




5'11" Blue

5'11" Sea Green

5'11" CS with Green Rails  

6'3" Sea Green /White Deck MOD FISH

6'3" Gray/Yellow MOD FISH

6'3" CS Orange/White Deck MOD FISH

6'6" White Deck Lt Blue MOD FISH

6'6" NEW Gray Retro MOD FISH 

6'8" CS Orange/White Deck MOD FUN

6'8" Sea Green/White Deck MOD FUN

6'8"  Blue Fun 

6'10" Blue Mod Fish 

6'10" Orange/White Deck MOD FISH

7'2" CS White Deck w/Red Rails & Bottom 

7'2" White MOD FUN 

7'2" White Deck w/Gray Rails & Bottom 

7'2" Blue Mod Fish

7'2" Blue Soft Top MOD FISH

7'4" V+ White Deck w/Navy Rails and Bottom

7'8" V+ White Fun   


















5'2"Summer 5

5'10"Summer 5

6'2"Summer 5 





Local Repair

For local Surfboard and Stand Up Paddle Board Repairs, contact our certified repair shop located at 218 Cedar St., Emerald Isle right behind the Sherwood Williams Real Estate. Contact Mike Conner at 252-349-6638

Replacement and Repair Fins

Hot Wax has over 300 replacement fins in stock, including FCS I, FCS II, Futures, low price entry level fin sets, SUP, longboard, center thruster fins, side bites, quads, twin fins, trailer fins, all basic repair fins for industry boards.

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