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This surfing model kayak is half sit-on-top, half longboard surfboard. Coming with a surfing paddle and knee straps, this is the perfect wave riding kayak.

3 day or 5 day with

FREE delivery 

starting at $3.00 hour

when you rent for 5 days.

Ocean SURFING use only.


Tribe 9.5- The shorter length provides maneuverability for the ocean (non-seated) and the sound. This kayak is also a great size for older children, as the lighter weight is manageable.

Tribe 11.5- The larger size of the 11.5 Tribe provides great tracking while on flat water and stowing space for a day of adventures. An adult and small child can sit comfortably in this kayak. This is available both sound side and ocean side (non-seated).





 The Tribe 9.5 & 11.5 starting at $2.00 an hour for a 5 day rental with FREE delivery.


The 11.5 Angler is a Tribe 11.5 model with angler attachments. This kayak comes with a Scotty rod holder, and an anchor. The Tribe 11.5 has plenty of storage space for fishing gear.

The Tribe 11.5 Angler starting at $2.50 an hour for a 5 day rental with FREE delivery.



The double Tribe 13.5 kayak is great for the family, as it can sit two adults and a small child or large dogg. Two life vests and paddles are provided with this kayak. Available for ocean and sound use.


The Tribe 13.5 is our tandem or double kayak with room for 2 adults and an additional seating area for one small child or large dog.Starting at $2.50 an hour with FREE delivery Note:The ocean model may not have seat backs. 



Currently NOT Available


The most versatile piece of equipment on the market—the Hi Life can be paddled as a sit-on-top kayak or a stand-up paddle board. This piece comes with a paddle that is adjustable to SUP or kayak. This is a designated flat-water item available for multi-day rentals only. Lots of parts to keep up with for the Hi Life.

The Hi Life is a sound use only item.  Room for One adult and a small child or large dog. Starting at $2.90 an hour for a 5 day rental with FREE delivery and pick up. 


The Joyride 12.0 is a recreational sit-inside kayak. This kayak is great for flat water use, and with a comfortable seat and large cockpit for easy entry and exit. This is a designated flat-water item.


The JoyRide sit inside starts at $2.50 an hour with FREE Delivery for a 5 day rental


Currently NOT Available


The Sound 10.5 is a maneuverable and versatile recreational sit-in angler kayak. This kayak is perfect for a day of fishing. This is a designated flat-water kayak.

The Sound set inside rental comes with the built in rode holders and starts at $2.00 an hour for a 5 day rental with FREE Delivery. To upgrade to the Scotty and Anchor accessories see our dedicated Angler sit on top Tribe models listed above. 

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