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Activities Description

Welcome to our activities page this page will provided a brief description of our current activities and locations.

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Hot Wax Can handle larger groups and provides our services for many other inland camps, civic organizations and groups. Give us a call/email to reserve for groups and custom pricing of twenty or more. CONTACT 

Our Most Popular Paddling Activity

Excursions at Cedar Point Recreation Area

Flat Water Paddling the Sound

Hot Wax Surf Shop is privileged to be permitted by the US Forest Service to launch half day excursions (single kayaks, double kayaks, and paddle boards) at the Cedar Point Recreation Area, only five miles from the shop.  We offer sit-on-top or sit-inside single kayaks, sit-on-top double kayaks, single sit-on-top fishing kayaks, and Starboard stand up paddle boards, and you can mix and match!

This park is a part of the Croatan National Forest and includes three bays near the mouth of the White Oak River.  The salt marsh grasses and oyster reefs create a nursery area for the ecosystem.  The maritime forest and surrounding islands shield the bay from the winds and currents. Wildlife abounds, including several pairs of nesting osprey, bald eagles, dolphins, deer, herons, kingfishers, egrets, songbirds, crabs, skates, and innumerable fish.

The park features a gently sloping concrete boat launch area, with an adjacent soft area for kayaks and paddle boards to enter the water. There is a short fishing dock, restroom amenities, parking, picnic tables, a campground, and two miles of walking trails with boardwalks over the bay.

For a half day paddle, we suggest a two mile route traveling through all three bays, while staying protected from the wind and tides.  Paddle out along the right side of the first bay to the island, noting the gazebo as a landmark, continue around the furthest bay, stopping at the benches for a lunch break, you are half way through your paddle, or follow the stream back into the marsh grass if you want to paddle further.  Continue along the perimeter into the small middle bay, stay aware to avoid oyster reefs.  Paddle back into the first bay, using the gazebo as a landmark to guide you back.  Don’t forget to check out the osprey nest down the stream next to the boat launch.

Video of Location

Paddling at Emerald Isle Woods Park

Hot Wax Surf Shop is privileged to have a great relationship with the Town of Emerald Isle and has exclusive permission to store kayaks at the EI Woods Park and easily launch paddling Excursions from the public kayak launch.  We offer sit inside or sit on top single kayaks, sit on top double kayaks, hybrid kayak paddle boards, fishing kayaks, and Starboard stand up paddle boards, and you can mix and match!  Spend a half day meandering through the salt marsh, watching for the abundant wildlife including osprey, bald eagles, dolphins, deer, herons, kingfisher, egrets, songbirds, crabs, skates, and innumerable fish.  Use the view of the water tower and EI bridge as landmarks to remember where you launched from. 

The EI Woods Park includes 41 acres, with walking trails, frisbee golf course, bathrooms, boardwalks, picnic tables and grills, and a fishing pier with kayak launch. 

Currently Unavailable

Hot Wax Surf Lessons

Instant Karma Surf Camp

Hot Wax has been a five star rated teaching facility for over twenty years with over 10,000 students.  We were one of the first east coast surf schools and are still the best provider in Emerald Isle. We are coach based, our experience tells us that a minimum of 2 ½ hours is needed to learn some skills and safety. Surf Lessons start with half an hour of instruction and on beach basics. Spending a full two hours in the water with the instructor learning to catch waves!  Private lessons and group lessons are available, and you are guaranteed personalized attention by our instructors.

Half Day Rentals: Self Guided Surfing or Paddling at the Beach

Want to surf or paddle at the beach, but don’t have a big enough vehicle to get the equipment there?  Rent from us, park at our shop, use our private outdoor shower and beach access we will take the gear to the beach for you! (Larger orders and items) When available, days and times may be limited. This is a easy beach day and parking is free with a hundred dollar purchase/rental.  

We rent surfboards of all sizes, including both soft top boards and epoxy boards. On exceptionally calm days sit on top kayaks (single or double) and ocean paddle boards are a fun option.  We also have Dagger Kaos surfing kayaks for those looking for a new adventure.

Call ahead to make sure we have staff available to help you. 

Please note not all activities and locations are available at all times, and are weather sensitive locations that could change without notice.

Our goal is to see that your activity is safe, enjoyable and the wind and currents are right for you.

You will need aqua or tennis shoes, Teva's or a strap on sandal for protection from oyster shells. Flip flops will not work well as we have hard-panned mud where you will need secure shoes.   

Our activities are provided early in the day, the best time to go. Availability decreases and wind, tides, and currents increase later in the day. All short term activities, rentals, deliveries, Excursions and Tours end by 4pm and we close at 5pm. Call for availability:  252-354-6466

All activities should be reserved in advance. Activities are available six days a week starting 9am. Please make reservations in advance online, on your phone, in store or by phone 252-354-6466 for your best experience.

Please note: Our services work on a reservation system and employees are scheduled to help you based on your reservations and in the ORDER that they are RECEIVED. Please be on time and ready! Other activities and other customers are in line and scheduled after you.


The *exception:  Sunday larger Group activities can be Reserved (requires eight or more and making the reservation the day before). When available, limitations applies.

Interactive Kayak Trail Map

Click a trail location to enlarge view


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Hammock Beach State Park

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