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Ideal for bodyboarding and surfing, but equally up to the task for river surfing, wake surfing and even for snow boarding. The Barracuda II has a thicker nose and is even more rigid than our original Barracuda boards and it has an entirely different stringer setup, with the three stringers inserted from the nose down to the tail, vs. the tail up to the nose, as in our original barracuda models. What do these slight differences mean to the rider? It means you get an even more rigid board than the original Barracuda I version. And the Barracuda II, with its greater mass up front, makes this board also ideal for river surfing, river boarding and wake surfing. Like the original barracuda model, the Barracuda II can also float over 300 lbs., prone, or up to 245 lbs., standing up.

Wave Skater Barracuda II 54" Beater Board

$229.95 Regular Price
$159.95Sale Price
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