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  • Michael Crews

5 Reasons Customers Love Hot Wax

Here are a few of the many reasons why we are top notch service on the island for suiting your vacationing needs.

1. The Joy of Water Sports

Most of us remember a time when discovery and the thrill of learning/connecting with nature were forces in our lives. The adventure with nature often took place in and around our town or neighborhood with friends. Now you’re on vacation you need to relax and take a break, get away from it all. It’s the adventure, connecting again with friends and family, creating the special moment that they will never forget or always remember. Whether you’re touring, surfing, or learning about the natural environment of the coastal North Carolina maritime forest, your experience will be the thing vacations are made of.

2. Five Star Surfing, SUP, and Kayak Instruction

Surfing: We do a coach-based instructional class that is the best on the island, prized by our repeating clients. Did you know that 70% of waterman instruction is done by people who do not teach any fundamentals with 30% of those having no actual water man experience? Our instructors live the life surfing year-round warm or cold weather because they love it.

The Nose Grab, Hop & Float, The X Protection, Spin & Go, Path of Least resistance, on coming wave reaction, Motion creates balance. If you have taken other classes and are not familiar with these terms, then you can benefit from our 5 star instruction.

3. Top Rated Rentals and Advice

We do it differently, and yes, better. We offer the best equipment for your adventure, based on 30 years of experience as watermen who use and sell what we rent.

*Upgraded equipment and rentals for intermediate to advance are also available as a single person rentals.*

Our expert advice is free with your rental (10 min. basic), included with most rentals when requested or needed. Often based on weather and conditions.

We start by hiring and picking the best type A people who love to share the love of what we do. Do it with humility, talent, and skill.

Join our Twitter feed and get the latest activity weather related information in time to book for the next day or surf now updates. Starts Summer 2021.

4. Rave Reviews From our Customers

With hundreds of customer reviews on the internet, our activities average 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Why are these scores and ratings so high? Because we love what we do. We monitor and value our customers. Sharing our watermen home makes us happy as well, here’s how we do it.

We begin by choosing the best and exclusive locations to keep you and your family safe. We hand pick our instructors and tour guides who are required to have certifications and qualifications before they can even apply. We monitor the weather & waves each day, giving our renters the best free advice so you have a great experience. We are the only permitted provider for the Cedar Point National Park and E-woods in Emerald Isle town park morning activities, where we provide our Wild by Nature educational ECO Tours and short term morning excursions for kayaking and stand up paddle boarding.

We begin very early in the day checking conditions like tides, wind direction, waves and looking in advance for weekly weather conditions & indicators to see how it will affect your activities. In the end, very few businesses ever meet these standards of customer service. We will never ever suggest an activity we would not do ourselves.

5. Adventures Everyday

The best things to do can be enjoyed at one convenient location, and the best time is early in the week of your vacation, weather is a factor that may cause you to miss out if you don’t get started early in the week. Make your reservations ASAP for your best experience this way we can help you with the best conditions, on time delivery’s and instructors for your activity. Remember early in the day is always best for water sports before the conditions get windy.

Thank you for choosing Hot Wax,

Michael Crews


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