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Hot Wax Surf Camp

Private Lessons give the student(s) up close and personal attention from the instructor(s). The instruction is more tailored to each individual in the lesson, more personal attention and more time spent with each person.

Prices for Private Lessons:

1 Person/ $100.00 (one instructor) – 1:1 ratio student to counselor

2 to 4 People/ $95.00 each (1 to 2 instructors) – 2:1 ratio student to counselor

5 to 9 People/ $90.00 each (2 to 3 instructors) – 3:1 ratio student to counselor

10 to 12 People/ $85.00 each (3 to 4 instructors) – 3:1 ratio student to counselor

*Student to counselor ratios are based upon our best estimates and may change due to weather and wave conditions and/or available instructors.*

Please tip your instructors. They work hard to keep you safe in the water. Thanks

NOTE! Hot Wax Camp instructors have the right to change or alter activities based on the weather, availability of activities, or for safety reasons. Since tide and surf conditions are ever changing some activities may have to be rescheduled from time to time.

All equipment and accessories are available at Hot Wax Surf Shop (Emerald Isle, NC) with discount savings for campers. Surfboard rentals available after class for the rest of the day. As a participant you have priority on rentals the day of camp.


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