Level 1 Beginner Level 2 Intermediate Level 3 Advanced


We build our Group tours by the day and week and need a minimum of 6 people to join in, call about our tour scheduling and join a group.

Or make a reservation in advance of your trip on line and we will start a tour and try to build it. Transportation is not provided, you will drive to site.

Stand Up paddle Boarding and Kayaking can be combined to suit your group. All tours require a reservation, first come first serve.

Private Tours are available min 2 people. All necessary equipment is included.


Be prepared for you activity (see what you need personally), Click here FAQ


Levels 1 easy: no experience with SUP or Kayaking includes 10 minutes of entry level tips


Level 1 Cedar Street EI Bridge tour, This tour is a great for beginners, explore small barrier islands and paddle towards and around the Emerald Isle Bridge. 2-1/2 Hours-Group-$65.00 Each person

Private Tour min 2 people $75.00 Each. Reservations required        

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Alternative site wind sensitive (for bad weather) Archers Creek public boat ramp


Level 1 SUP or kayaking White Oak River Tour, This protected bay &

surrounding areas, are an easy paddle, lots of wildlife including a resident

bald eagle, hiking paths,& maritime forest. 2-1/2 Hours Group-$65.00 Each person Private- Tour min 2 people $75.00 Each . Sign Up Now




Level 2 SUP & Kayaking Eco Tours Intermediate- sorry no towing


Level 2 SUP or kayaking  Eco EI Island Tour, Enjoy a morning paddle from the enclosed Island end-Point Lake to Cedar Street our dominate South west summer wind to your back most days really helps. You get a great view of the island and the surrounding wetlands & wild life. 2-1/2 hours,

 Life Vest included and is required for this tour.

Group-$65.00 Each Person

Private Tour min 2 people $75.00 each. Reservation required

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 Level 2 SUP & Kayaking Self Eco Tour

Also available as an intermediate level 2 rental only self service tour, you carry. We tell you how to do it. Call for Reservations the day before 252-354-6466 $50.00 Each board; no reservations required, first come first serve.



Level 3 SUP & Kayaking Eco Tours Advanced- sorry no towing


Level 3 Bare Island Tour, Experienced paddlers only. We paddle across the inlet to the island and explore the local estuaries. Life Vest included and is required for this tour. 2-1/2 – 3 Hours $75.00 a person min 2 people. Reservation required. 252-354-6466

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All Tours are base on available instructors, activity schedules’ participation and are weather sensitive. First come first serve, Advance reservations suggested. Be prepared; closed toe shoes, hats ,sunglasses, water, cell phone

If you have a large group we can accommodate you with a special program just give us a call.


NOTE-be sure you take a tour that matches you athletic ability and endurance level.


Group & Private SUP & Instruction


Level 1 Group Flat water SUP Classes (Instruction) are every Tuesday

and start at 8:30AM-2-1/2 Hours. With 30 mins. Of land instruction.

$65.00 each person Sign Up Now



Level 1 Private-Sup & Kayaking Beginner & Intermediate flat water Instruction $100 each person By appointment

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Level 2 Intermediate (requires beginner instruction) or equivalent experience  Introduction to SUP Wave riding classes are available with a reservation.

 Or sign up on line and are $100 each person, 2-1/2 hour class. Sign Up Now


Level 3 Advance Wave Riding Techniques. You need some talent for this class, experience, and surfing ability are required. Wave sensitive class taught by our senior wave riding instructor Roy “Dud” Brownlow.

Friday-Saturdays-Sundays by appointment only. $125 per person

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